GKL-Linear Tunable High Bay (80w, 100w, 160w, 220w, 320w)


GK Lighting Solutions Led Linear High Bay Series is suitable for industrial and commercial lighting. Dimming and power regulation functions are available so it can adapt to changes in different situations, saving energy and offering convenience to users. Its unique design allows it to shine partially upward (about 14% of its light), avoiding the formation of shadows on the ceiling. It also shows excellent performance in uniform light distribution.


Corridor Function:
This function inside the motion sensor provides three-level control for specific areas that require an indication of light change before turning off. The sensor provides 3 light levels: 100%- > dimmed light (natural light is insufficient)- > off; and 2 periods of selectable waiting time: motion hold time and stand-by time: selectable daylight threshold and selectable detection area


Daylight Sensor Function:

Open the daylight sensor by pushing when the remote control is in setting condition.


Application Areas:
Supermarkets/Lobbies/Offices/Retail Stores/Schools/Restaurants/Hospitals/Kitchens



See Spec Sheet:  GK Lighting solutions Tunable LED Linear High Bay

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See Spec sheet:  GK Lighting solutions Tunable LED Linear High Bay

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Weight 8 lbs